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Ponle un Toque de Color a Tu Look

Nuetsras carteras son ideales para agregar ese toque de color a nuestro look. Hoy te propongo unos looks con vestidos negros para que confirmes que no necesitas necesariamente llevar ropa de colores muy llamativos con nuestras carteras, sino que tambien puede llevarlas con tonos tan clasicos ys eguros como el negro.  

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Latest Fashion Trends 2021 - The Oversized Shirt for Woman

Everything is nowadays about having essential pieces that work perfectly with different items that we have already in our wardrobe.  One of the staple pieces that I love is the white shirt, but not the regular one we have had in the past , but the oversized one.   This particular shirt is, in my opinion, a "must have", not only because it is comfortable and breezy but because of the the many ways to wear it, no matter the season. Another reason why I think, every  woman should have a shirt like this is because it is very versatile, you can wear it with pants, jeans, shorts, and most imortantly it never goes out of style.  Finally, I have to...

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Que es un Bolso tipo Tote

QUE ES UN BOLSO TOTE Hoy hablaremos del tan nombrado entre las marcas de moda, el Bolso tipo "Tote". El bolso estilo "Tote" es tan conocido y nombrado hoy día, que pudiéramos pensar que es un bolso actual y de tendencia, cuando la verdad es que su origen se remonta a principio del siglo veinte. De hecho, este estilo de bolso se usaba principalmente para las compras del mercado. Ahora bien, un bolso para poder ser llamado "Tote" debe tener las siguientes características - Debe tener una forma referiblemente vertical. - Debe contar con dos asas lo suficientemente largas. - Debe ser lo considerablemente espacioso. - Su material debe ser flexible y resistente ara poder incluir suficientes objetos en el. ...

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Introducing Grace Ankle Boots

Who doesn't love a great pair of boots? But even better, who doesn't want a beautiful pair of ankle boots? I think no woman can resist to purchase one of them. So, let me tell you that we are launching our first shoe collection, and we are starting with this great Off white ankle boots, that we are calling "Grace". Channel your glamorous side in these white ankle boots from Eugenia Molina, designed in a seductive silhouette with side zips ensuring a perfect fit.  Sock-like look and feel.  Contour+ technology: an innovative cushioning system anatomically sculpted to meet every contour of your foot for a premium fit and all-day comfort experience.  You won't ever be unnoticed with these beauty, great...

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